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Access a comprehensive library of resources specifically designed to equip chiropractors with the knowledge and tools to navigate personal injury cases and provide exceptional care for your patients. Explore video presentations, downloadable guides, and in-depth articles covering legal processes, insurance intricacies, and best practices for car accident cases.

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Washington Personal Injury Summit

An action-packed day of learning, networking, and celebration. Deepen your expertise with continuing education sessions on critical topics like Med-Legal case management, court navigation, mock trials, and combating insurance tactics that hinder patient care. We host this event one a year in partnership with the WSCA so you can earn valuable CE credits while connecting with fellow professionals and enjoying a vibrant atmosphere.

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Med-Legal Partnership: Empowering your practice

Sears Injury Law and Seattle Injury Law specialize in winning car accident cases for people whose lives have been disrupted by injury.

We value our partnership with healthcare providers because we know that winning a personal injury case isn’t just about the legal side. It’s also about getting those who were hurt back to a healthy place. Our goal is to work together with healthcare professionals to ensure a complete recovery for everyone involved.

We support and value your practice’s financial health

We are true partners in advocating for both you and your patient, so you both realize the full value of the time and care it takes to treat and restore your patient to full recovery.

Our staff is exceptionally skilled at negotiating fast and successful financial outcomes with insurance companies that benefit both patients and their medical providers.

Over 95% of our clients need and seek chiropractic care

We are big supporters and believers in the benefit of good chiropractic care. We refer our patients seeking recovery to chiropractors often, and encourage them to complete the care that they need for recovery.

Our business is built on medical relationships, not billboards

We care about our clients, and your business, and want to partner with you to create a strong circle of support and communication with both you and your client. Our investment is in relationships, not big ads. With us, you’ll have the cell phone and support of a legal contact that will not only update you on-call on your patients cases, but also meet with you in regular cadence for case management and update

Our legal leadership has a chiropractor on-staff

We don’t just work with chiropractors, we understand that they are essential to full recovery and guidance for many of our cases. We speak your language, and make sure we communicate with you with understanding, even in those complex cases.

Listening Closely.
Advocating Fearlessly.

We are partners in advocating for you and your patient.

Our winning attorneys, trained investigators, negotiators, and paralegals – many of which have worked for insurance companies directly in the past – are uniquely qualified to support your patients. This gives us a negotiating edge, and the inside track for navigating the complex process of insurance recovery. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best outcome – and showing it the respect and attention it deserves, regardless of the size of the claim.

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